Who are you : Eagle or Chick?

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Who are you : Eagle or Chick?

Ok we all have heard the story of eagle and chicks…have we? If not then I’m going to share the same with you. This story implies that all of us have two sides within us. It depends on which one we choose. It always has been ‘chick’ that we chose. Only a few pass the test of becoming a true eagle. I know you’re not getting what I’m saying, so let’s go on to the story of the one eagle who’s not aware that its’s an actual freaking “EAGLE” because of his upbringing. The course of destiny is beautiful, at some point it strikes so hard that you have to realize what you are and who you are.

And thus, begins the story….

Long Back. There used to be Mrs. Eagle who had three eggs laying in her nest on a mountain. An unfortunate event occurred, as one of the egg slips down the mountain and it bounced into a poultry farm below. Here starts the main story, all the eggs in the poultry farm start hatching and so does the eagle’s. However, when the eagle hatchling opens its eyes, all it sees is chicks gathered in a crowd in a closed formation. The chicks sound and behaves differently and the hatchling starts feeling that it’s a chick as well.

As the time elapsed, the hatchling grew into a feeble and cowardly creature just like the Chickens. The eagle copied the noise of chickens and satisfies itself that its one of them. It behaves, eats and acts like them.

Chickens eat things that we cannot even imagine. They scratch the ground and find bugs and specks of things that we can’t see. The Eagle tries to imitate the same and fails.

Chickens merely use wings, on the other hand eagles use their wings full-fledged. This is the main feature that distinguishes them. BUT, sadly that poor thing has no idea that it’s an eagle.

One Day,

his mother Mrs. Eagle surprisingly spots him with a bunch of chicks hooping around hay. Mrs. Eagle seeing her son after many years confronts him and tries to convince him that he’s not one of them.

She lifts him up in the sky to a point where you can only see is clouds. She then drops him with full force. He cries out loud “I cannot fly…save me…I’m gonna die”. Mrs. wanted to see this fear in his eyes, because it’s the only key to making him realize that he can fly. Helpless eagle, wang’s its wings, tries to save itself and cries for help. The more near he gets to the ground the harder he cries and tries opening his wings.

Boom!!, He swiftly manages to open his wings and saves the day. He flies high to his mom and thanks her for making him aware who he was! This is where the happy ending takes place.

Message: It’s upon us to choose which category we belong to. Choose wisely!

“The best way to predict the future is to create one.”- Abraham Lincoln.

‘Instead of saying “have a nice day” I think I’II start saying “Have the day you deserve”. You know, let karma sort that shit out.’- Karma Quotes

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