Mahuli Fort Trek with Shikhar Trails

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Mahuli Fort Trek with Shikhar Trails



Mahuli fort trek


I bet Mahuli fort trek is nothing like Rajmachi which I visited last year. Mahuli is a combination of bitter sweet memories. The terrain here is completely vertical, vague to the horizontally flat surface at ramjachi. All my trek experiences are the deeds of Shikhar Trails, without their guidance it wouldn’t have been possible for a beginner like me.

30th June Asangav, Near Shahpur.

Mahuli Fort Trek

Base Village

6:00 am

Excitement didn’t allow me to sleep, as to which I only managed three hours of sleep. I Hastily woke up, packed my stuff and set on to my gathering point given to me at Jogeshwari. Three gathering points were readily planned. With Dadar being already covered, the pickup bus was on its way to the remaining points. They picked me at 5:30. At 6 am I met some new people, Prateek with his wife, brother in law and his friend. Then onwards everything went smoothly as we picked rest of the crew by 7 am, located at Borivali and Thane.

The Entrance

9:00 am

We were to go towards Thane’s rural town of Asangav. Asangav lies across the Thane-Gorbunder road which is approx. two hours from Borivali station. At 10 we reached the base camp of Mahuli, had some tea and Maharashtra’s famous morning snack Missal Pav and Kanda Poha. We had some graduation & career related talks with some introduction of one another. There were two girls who shared the same interests with me, Siddhi said Mahuli was her second trek just like mine. Our common traits made us companions for the day.

Mahuli Fort Trek

Mountain View

A team of forty participants, boosted with sheer determination to climb Mahuli gad. Three groups, with their team leaders commenced the trail at 10:00. Apparently, I knew Mahuli would be vertical climb, not a flat walk. These treks require a high amount of endurance and adrenaline. At first, I was slow on my speed just so to save my energy for the high grounds.

10:30 am

The first attractive thing we saw was a small pond which accumulates water coming down the hill. It had a over haul bridge, for a moment I felt like resting in the pond, I didn’t feel like moving from that place. We were briefed that it’ll take two hours to reach the top, but it didn’t go as per estimated. Among us there were some who had never trekked before and found the trail difficult.

So, we had to take fifteen minutes interval each for every ten minutes of walk. As we crossed the pond bridge, a ring tone beeped “amcha game of thrones”. It was Prathamesh one of the four event coordinator, whose cell has beeped. He shares his adventures in the Parvati Valley in Himachal, intriguingly making me express my wish to go there. He says “You must definitely see Parvati valley, it’s a luring, cold and breath-taking scenery”.

Mahuli Fort Trek

11:30 am
Reaching the mid-level, we realized we are only half-way to reach the fort. Every trek has three layers, the base- the easiest one, the climb- the tedious one and the top- the final point. We have finished the base layer. The climb has just begun, this is where many backed off, but our coordinators managed to convince everyone of us to cover the climbing part.

Greasy rock and tree branches, slowed our efforts at first. But our energy levels were way higher, no barrier could discourage us now. Being monsoon time, rain didn’t show up. There was only unpredictable soaking heat. luckily my friend had provisions with him, glucose water and some kind of mint which I don’t’ know how reduced our thirst for water only for a short time.

12 pm

Out of provisions, we were forced to hurry the climb, reach the top and find water. There was a moment when I got separated from my group for no reason. I unnecessarily ran to the spot, leaving every hiker behind. I had come miles ahead of them. Rested until the group arrived. Maybe I wanted to reach the top as fast as possible. The fort’s flat was visible.

Mahuli Fort Trek

2:00 pm
Reaching atop we clicked some pictures. Like a crazy kid I recorded loads of boomerang i.e. an effect used in Instagram. We rushed to the waterfall, and finally quenched our thirst. After collecting some water, I saw the opposite hill, which was totally upright with no rock or sturdy surface to climb. I wondered how anyone could possibly climb that hill in present time. We even had a long conversation on about it, then came a man Mr. Jadhav who said “Yes, it’s possible to climb such surface. In the past Shivaji and his men climbed these kinds of terrain using “ghorpad” known as Comodo dragon. He said in present times Commando Training are conducted this way”.

The Group

3:00 pm

Unpredictably rain occurred, it washed away all the mud that was on our clothes.On the top I found one thing very surprising, the network range was the strongest there. And also, we came across a ruined temple and a cave.Prateek, his fiancée Nidhi, Umang, Kushal, Sunil were my most close companions. Unknowingly we formed a bond and shared memories throughout the trek. Its very unlikely, you go to a place and you get so many friends. These events happen rarely, because of the times we are living in, there is no place for friendships beyond selfish motives.
I made one best friend that day!

Kushal taught me the only thing which every trekker must know.
“No hike is hard enough to complete, it is our perception of the place which holds us back. It is all in our mind. You can achieve the toughest of the target with faith and endurance”

5:00 pm
His mature trekking skills and endurance level helped us all get down in time.

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