Elishke : The Czech Girl

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Elishke : The Czech Girl


{The Czech Girl is the story of a lone lady travelling all the way from Europe to various states of India untill she met the blogger…} 

Blistering wind, Smoldering music and a pleasant night made everything feel connected. With my headsets on, listening to the song that brought out the fruitful expression of thought in me I gazed the peaceful village while travelling. The anesthesia of a music can be so soothing, reality seemed to blur and travel seemed as a dream. The bus was heading towards Gangavalli, a countryside near to Gokarna.

Its 3:00 am mid night, I have now reached my destination. A few seconds after I dropped down the bus, a lady came down along. Foreign to the land she knew only mere glimpses of the place. She appeared to be in question.

As we were making it to my relatives place for stay, i felt a need to ask the lady what she was looking for.

She asked, “Why is the road so bumpy?’’

I replied, “Probably because they are the new ones under construction”.

“We will reach soon”

Elishke responded, “I hope so it will be a wonderful day’’

I said, “yes it will be”.

Our thrilling road trip was full of bumps and high ups, as the road from Gangavalli towards Kumta were under construction.

We reached the marriage hall at 10:00 am, as we arrived we got accompanied by some relatives towards the hall.

Elishke brought along with her a colossal camping bag. Ironically the bag had a year-full of provisions in it. Her bag was not a piece of a cake for an average Indian to carry in the summers of Karnataka, as its weight itself would exhaust the carrier.

A house keeping boy tried lifting the bag, to less fruition he landed it in the ladies changing room in the marriage hall.

As we entered the marriage all kids starting running around and surrounded Elishke, all the guests were staring here with surprise and excitement. Their attention totally shifted from the bride and groom towards Elishke.

She blushed with comfort, and took a seat at the hall with me sitting besides her. Still she liked the welcoming gesture of the guests.

I exclaimed, “Miss may I know whats your need?, By the way I’m Rishikesh. I too travelled in the same bus as you.’’

The lady hazily responds, “Hey I want to know is there any transport for Gokarna.’’

I replied, “Yes there is a fuel station near, they have many rickshaws waiting for passengers going towards Gokarna. They might help you.”

The lady bid goodbye and took her route towards the fuel station. Only if everything went right she wouldn’t have spent a day with me. But they destiny wanted something else. It has its own twist and play.

She came back to Gangavalli bus station again, while I was still waiting there for my relatives ride to arrive. I saw here with surprise, I appealed her

“Hey miss, didn’t you get your ride?”

She, “Actually they are charging me exorbitant fares, so i came back to check on if any bus is coming. I need to reach Gokarna by 6 anyhow”.

Me, “Only if there were busses available at this time. All the busses resume after 6. If that’s the case why don’t you rest at our relatives place till six and then head on?”

After some hesitation she agreed and came with us. Even my mom got her convinced to stay.

untill till this moment we didn’t knew her name. 😛

As the marriage commenced, Elishke had got many questions in her mind regarding Hindu Wedding. She had only been to a Muslim wedding before in Kashmir, a hindu styled wedding was new to her.

She started spelling out one by one.

“Why do they have a girl and a boy tie the ribbon of the bride and groom?. This is something different as to what I have seen before’’

Not much did I knew about Hindu marriage rituals, though I replied her question with in a brief manner.

I, “Just like the way, in a christian wedding people give toast to the couple as a proof of their presence in the wedding, this one similar to that.”

“Only thing different is kids are placed as witness to the marriage’’

Elishke satisfied “well thats great, next question why do we have to throw rice grain on the couple?”

I, “Simply because rice is considered as pure and sacred in our culture”

The question-answer session lasted for two hours. The exchange was not one side. Elishke shared about Czech culture, and how Indians are so drastically different from Europeans.

According to her we Indians are diverse but still unified by the way of our lifestyle. The fact that captivated her about us was not our diversity, instead its our devotional culture, our cuisine, spices and our spots. Most of all our kind and welcoming gesture.

However the only issue that made her rank us in a negative zone was our fake adoption of western culture. Her views on “We drink alcohol not to get dizzy or drunk, we drink to celebrate”

“I have seen, Women are still controlled here. This isn’t really something I would want to admire about India”

“In europe there is no shame about sex, we aren’t a closed society. Freedom makes us European’’.

Seesh That was a load of harsh reality?.

Our chit-chat ended so did the marriage procession. On a good note, we left the hall for lunch, which was held on the ground floor.

Mom, Elishke, I finally reached our relatives place. Tired & Fatigued, we had a sleep which lasted more than 4 hours. Time passed so quick, Elishke didn’t realise it was past 7 am. She had initially planned to leave for Gokarna at 6 though.

As we got up, one of our relatives asked us to get fresh and to have the morning brunch. Spellbinding Idli and Sambar sufficed our quench.

She hasted to leave the place, this is when I interrupted

“Miss, i think it would be convenient for you to attend the marriage with us and then leave for Gokarna. Kumta is close to Gokarna. So once the marriage concludes you can directly pick from there. Whats your say?”

The lady again hesitated, this time it was different because she had to change her plan completely. She agreed with what i said.

Skipping to post lunch and bath, I had a short chit-chat with Elishke. I was excited and curious to know more about her.

I started, “Miss I thinks its been long you didn’t introduce yourself. Would you mind telling me something about you and your travels.”

Lady replied, “Well I don’t mind sharing. My name is Elishke, I am a Czech national. This is my first time to India.”

“I have been roving many places in India since past six months. Last place I been was Kashmir, then i came down to Pune and now with you all.”

“India is truly unique and mysterious in all ways. I want to know it more”

I answered, “I admire your liking for our country. Yes it is incredible”.

Elishke, “Through out my travels, I saw how wonderful every place in India is.”

“I am fortunate to come here. India is largely in contrast with Europe”.

This made my genuinely happy!!

At, 8 we commenced our road trip to Kumta.

After the lunch, Elishke smiled and thanked us all for letting her in and bringing her to the wedding. She said she was blessed to meet us and more than that spending seven hours with me.

If not for us, she would have unknowingly lost chunks of money and some valuable friends.

We were strangers to her, that didn’t change her trusting us was when everything seemed connected. Everything felt related, destined to happen. The aim of this true story is to take in the essence of trust.

Always welcome the ones who need our help, although they don’t convey it. I had to write each and everything that happened through the course of those seven hours as it would let us know what foreigners feel about Indians and to realise our duty towards our country and the once who visit us.


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