Teenagers are interested in memes because…

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Teenagers are interested in memes because…


They can relate to them.

Let’s start with a question…

Where do they come from?


What’s the reason they have so much of popularity?

Memes are light hearted piece of humor that can be relatable to any person at any place, any time, any day. You can enjoy them while having tea, while you’re chit-chatting or even while you’re working. Not just teenagers, everybody sees it as a way of chilling out. Memes are shi*t relieving stress busters.

There are so many reasons to love memes!!

Behind these comedic pieces are the minds of social media lovers. Memes are raw and crude items that comes out of nowhere. A meme itself doesn’t know that someday it’ll turn out to be a meme. A catchy dialog or may be a funny expression can become a backdrop for a meme.

You see Star Wars characters getting memed, ‘I have the high ground’ is one of them.

Apparently, you’re in a debate and you’re leading with points, it soon turns into a meme and people start call you by teasing ‘You have the high ground dude!!’. They are all about grapevining stuffs that are already being grapevined.

teenagers are interested in meme

India is a known for illogical memeing, you can see Shaktimaan and Voldemort together in the same pic, Snapchat mistakenly taken as Snapdeal, Even the Snapdeal CEO had to apologize for no reason. Sacred Games mistakenly taken as Secret Games. Exorbitant limits of dumbness crossed isn’t it?

There were a few Twitterati calling it ‘’Scared Games’’. Why?

From nowhere comes a line ‘Aao Kabhi haveli Pe’,

Teenagers are interested in memes

And then begins an epic era of inviting. There was a time this line sticked everyplace, wherever there came a possibility of partying. When there is Diwali, People say ‘Aao kabhi Haveli Pe’, Night Out and they say ‘Aao kabhi Haveli Pe’.

One’s first Date is also not spared – ‘Aao kabhi haveli Pe’, It’s alright to not have an haveli, but they will say ‘Aao Kabhi Haveli Pe’. This happens exclusively in India! 😛

Teenage is a period when you have the greatest of spare time available, it’s a period when you don’t have the worldly stress of earning and other responsibilities. It’s a time to be cherished about, seamlessly doing one’s daily work. Teenage is when you develop relations, memes help you grow them by imbibing comedy and sarcasm in you.

When you’re short of words…and want some dose of senseless humor 

In the end, they are just pure fun. In present times when everyone is hasting up to get their goals, Memes can be a fruitful delight? What do you feel? What do you say?

For 25 Indian Memes visit this link…http://wotpost.com/indian-memes/


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