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Juhu beach

5 reasons why Juhu Beach is Mumbai’s Splendid Sight

“there’s nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it’s send away” – Anonymous “Juhu beach is a place where you will find both whimpering sand and statues made of sand immersed in water. Juhu beach is where you will see the joyful laughter…
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nice guy

Six Life Hacks for “Nice people”

“Good guys in movies, stories and tales end up as winners” However, do they really win in actual life situations? The answer is a straight forward No. Good guys that are represented in any Entertainment Media are meant to win in any situation. In reality its the subvert, Good people face failure at everything the world…
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The Granite Capital of Tulu Nadu

Tulu Nadu – a place renowned for its DIVINITY,  for its Authentic Stone Structures AND most of all a MIND BOGGLING “Spirit dance” Want to know what a place with an abundance of granite holds for you? Lets read!! A brief intro about Tulu Nadu: Tulu Culture is one of the oldest Dravidian Cultures in…
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Teenagers are interested in memes because…

They can relate to them. Let’s start with a question… Where do they come from? AND What’s the reason they have so much of popularity? Memes are light hearted piece of humor that can be relatable to any person at any place, any time, any day. You can enjoy them while having tea, while you’re…
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Mahuli Fort Trek with Shikhar Trails

“THE MOUNTAIN WHICH TELLS ITS OWN STORY – MAHULI” I bet Mahuli fort trek is nothing like Rajmachi which I visited last year. Mahuli is a combination of bitter sweet memories. The terrain here is completely vertical, vague to the horizontally flat surface at ramjachi. All my trek experiences are the deeds of Shikhar Trails,…
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3 Impactful ways to achieve Mindfulness

Asian Monks say “Chill homie, you need let that Sh*t go away” which means let pass away everything that bothers you. Most of the times but not all times we ignore their saying and get into unnecessary stress and depression. Meditation is a subtle art, has loads of variety techniques and vast number of outcomes.…
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Best Business to Start in 2018

Best Business to start in 2018 is a follow-up to my previous blog “Passive Income Sources”. Hop on to it if you haven’t read it. The link is below http://www.fortunatevoyage.com/passive-income-source/  Our previous article stresses on what passive income is, whereas it gave us a slight sketch of various types of income sources. “Humans are driven…
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A Game changer: A Story of Destiny

Do you believe in Destiny? Does everything in life happens for a reason? “All is one, and one is all” is it true? Ever had a thought for once, “why particular events happen in your life that you never expected and you never wanted them to take place.” This is where destiny plays a very…
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Five minutes of Blindness

I lift this issue because it’s an unusual one. You probably won’t find many people talking about blindness. Usually because no body wants to witness complete darkness in front of their eyes. They are scared. Among us, there exists a unique set of beings who are not able to see the world as we do.…
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Dharamsala the soul of Himanchal

To Dharamshala – “All the water and drink you consumed from beginning time until now has failed to satisfy your thirst or bring you contempt. Drink therefore of this stream of enlightened mind. Fortunate ones.” – Buddha[social_warfare] I haven’t updated any posts related to travel in a while, this post is not like other travel…
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