Story of Patience as it should be

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Story of Patience as it should be


This is a tale and not a travel experience. My aim of presenting this story to you is to show you that things do happen in life, no matter they happen late but eventually they will. All it takes for us is to wait for the right moment to dig in our shot at redemption and this is called Patience. Someone very close to me shared this incredible story to me at the time when I was really stressed and in need of some inspiring talk. The events based here were real life, but in the pretext of this story it’s been fictionalized.

70’s INDIA

Indian Industries and Manufacturing hubs were isolated from the outside world till the eventual Liberalization-Privatization-Globalization that occurred in 1990’s. This lead to a prosperous but a very closed economy. This story takes places through the life of three individuals namely Akash, Prakash and Harish.

These individuals didn’t had a common understanding or an ideology, being very distinct personalities, their views are differential towards Business. Akash is the founder of Organic Vegetables and Fruits Corporation OVF Corp.

Patience Lesson 1 : Take risks and don’t be Greedy.

Before going into the future of the company let’s see where it all began. Akash a small freelancer organic farmer used to work on a plot of land which was owned by his landlord Pandey ji. Soon Akash adopted new and hygienic ecofriendly methods to grow mushrooms on the plot of land allotted to him.

Success was eventual and the returns that came from his organic mushrooms rose sky-high. Akash with the permission of Pandey ji, ventured into City markets to sell his stock of mushrooms. That too succeeded.

Time passed quick, impressed with his skills Pandey ji granted that plot to Akash as its future owner. Soon Pandey ji passed away. Akash with his super-intellect used aggressive tactics and ways of force and deceit to usurp the plots of other freelancer farmers who were working for the landlord till the time of his death.

Over the years, Akash’s pockets started filling with chunks of money thus his prosperity encouraged him to venture a new company, the future OVF Corp. His greed led him to more and more desire for lively pleasures leading to his own demise.

Patience Lesson 2 : Be ambitious but don’t be Paramount

Akash was succeeded by his most trustworthy farmer cum colleague Prakash as the Chairman of the company. Prakash was a completely practical kind of person but an opportunist.

He followed his own path and led a revolution in the organic farming industry, where in with the passage of time he acquired a bunch of known companies and turned them into OVF Corp’s Subsidiaries.

Prakash was now the head of a Conglomerate which means Chairman of a group of companies united under one large company. He raised funds for the private company and turned it into a mega Public Limited Conglomerate.

After 30 years of satisfying and expansionist career Prakash had to retire at the age of 55 because of some health issue. New Chairman and CEO were to be appointed with the approval and voting of the Board of Directors as it is now a Public limited comp. Prakash wanted his son to succeed him but there is one twist to this story which is yet to be revealed.

Patience Lesson 3 : Always observe and lastly be Patient 

Prakash also had a friend Harish who had worked with him all his life but never craved for any higher position in the company. Both were equals in their own right.

Harish a sober, patient kind of person was also a keen observer. Harish believed in the magic of destiny and the way it works. He knew in the end it will work in his favor and that really happened.

In the board meeting, there took place a voting wherein Harish won 85% of board majority in his favor and Prakash’s son won only 15% votes. Prakash was present in the meeting and wanted his son to get the majority votes and he also tried to persuade and manipulate the directors to his side but it didn’t work well. Prakash retired and announced Harish the new Chairman and CEO of OVF Corp group of companies. Lessons of Patience accomplished.


Message from the story : –

Patience requires you to wait for the right moment to arrive and when the moment comes strike back so hard that only and only you win it. Harish that day showed, wait man don’t hurry in your life, hurrying will only lead to dead-end. He never hasted up things to enjoy the pleasures of life early instead did everything in a planned manner. Also, don’t wait for too long because that too might harm your success!!.


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