Smile coz it brings out your better version

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Smile coz it brings out your better version


Smile coz it brings out your better version.

“You know Rishi, how much ever angry I get at you during lectures the minute I see you smile I give up my anger cause It brings out your better version” -Mukund Matta

The opening statement or quote as stated by my tutor Mukund Matta explains why we must smile.

Yeah I know he was angry at me because I’m talketive in classroom (sometimes I cannot keep my mouth shut).

I believe every thing happening in our life teaches us some very special lessons.

That day was nothing special apart from the anger quote by my tutor.

Smile has so much power, It can bring a dying person back to life (not literally).

It has the aura to make you want more of the person who smiles.

A few people might percieve it as a bad quality but I want to admit I laugh (slight smile) during tough times.

Tough times could be any time where the descussion is damn serious. It could be any (family matter, office matters, relationship matters).

Now why I smile during such a crucial time :

firstly to calm my mind and secondly to start a conversation afresh (when conversations get heated you need to diverge to cooler topics).

Life isnt about cribbing and crying for past occurings, short life takes a lot of toll on us so SMILE.

It isn’t called running away from a debate, instead it can be denoted as “optimistic walking”.

And there is a difference between running and walking as you know.? Hehe

“Best part about smiling is you can hide you pain behind it”

Smiling Nadella

What makes a leader charismatic?

Three qualities…

-Body language

-To the point talking (smart talk)

-Slight Smile

They attract tons of individuals and public towards their cause. The reason behind this is they often smile and give a sense of positive vibe.

Via that smile they make sure “Nothing is more important then their cause”.

Their smile arrows a message “I will try as long as the never giving up blood runs in my veins”.

A leader before becoming successful has had to face some sort of failure or opposition.

What will he do then.

.Maybe crib? Or Smile?. Probably He will smile and check where he went wrong and move one to an alternative startegy.

Smiling has no affiliation. It has no caste no religion and no community.


Now moving ahead towards health benefits of smiling. Smiling has the ability to minimalise blood pressure & dealy heart attack rate.

Although not a confirmed statistic, who gives a shit JUST LAUGH your ass off (I am serious).

21st Century is all about tech and Relationships & BREAKUPS (for some), I don’t think I need to express more urge for smiling now?

Lets take an example:

I’m an executive in a Multinational Company which is into FMCG. I have been assigned with a task to present a marketing strategy to the board of directors and convince them that It can be implemented without any hassle.

Situation one :- I show the presentation to the directors with stressed & clumsy expression (Although I’m gut sure I will convince them).

Situation two :- I show them the presentation and throughout I maintain a slight smile (Doesnt matter whats running in my mind).

Which situation do you think will convince them to gulp the strategy for exceution?

I’m gut sure they will go with the second situation. Through my smile I channel a sense of confirmation towards them.

As sweet as it could be, even a muffled smile from you will make the directors hooked in your presentation.

They know I am maintaining a positive essence (they believe my plan will succeed). They will take it.

Smiling is a therapy…a freaking simple one. Do it Do it.

“I made my point”

last but not the least…

“Smile – it will make people love you”

“Smile coz it brings out your better version”

Note :- Ladies your smile can adore anyone. You need to smile a lot then men : )

Say Cheese !!

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