Six Life Hacks for “Nice people”

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Six Life Hacks for “Nice people”

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“Good guys in movies, stories and tales end up as winners”

However, do they really win in actual life situations? The answer is a straight forward No. Good guys that are represented in any Entertainment Media are meant to win in any situation.

In reality its the subvert, Good people face failure at everything the world throws at them. Let me make this clear, there is no such thing as good or bad.

The way we perceive others casts into “Good & Bad” and vice versa. Extreme of something is not good for anyone. Different people have a different way of processing situations, It is a game of “our lookout”.

Here are six hacks which will help you successfully avoid being used by others for their selfish reasons.

Hack No.1: You need not a hero every time.

Nice people have the habit to help every people they find in trouble. Perhaps they have this set programming in them which commands them to “Be the hero to all needy kids”.

This turns out to be their losing point, as people misuse them till they start to feel like “I am no, Hero”. Actually, it’s not their fault, it just happens to be their upbringing and their values that lead them to behave in a “Nice fashion” with anyone and everyone.

I am not against this habit, all I want you is to act like a “Hero” or a “Savior” in certain circumstances where you internally feel the need to be a one. But “NOT ALL TIME”.

Hack No.2: Learn to Say “No”

The “Hypocrisy of being a Nice Guy”, is people will pull you into the bad person category if you say “No” to even one of their favors.

You don’t owe anyone anything, which means you have the right to say “No”. People will take you for granted once they know you do their work without even a slight of disapproval.

Successful individuals have made it a rule to stay busy, stay focused & put their hands down when people come to their doorsteps. This doesn’t mean you stop people seeking help from you.

It’s just a minor change to the way you look at social service.

Hack No.3: Be Partially Selfish

There will always be a difference between selfish & “partially being selfish”. Unfortunately, its rarely a thing as Partially selfish for “nice people” as the only job they do most times is to be selfless.

It’s ironic how emphatic people keep others priorities before their own. They have this sense of incompleteness when they miss an opportunity to serve someone in need.

We tend to forget our own pain for the sake of others. Empathy is the foundation of humanity, but like I said more of something is not good!

Keep in pace your life with that of others, but always leverage your priorities. “Be Partially Selfish”

Hack No.4: Develop a “Leader Attitude”

I am still figuring out how leaders are created. So far I have gained a very useful insight on how a “Good Guy” can be lead without trailing in their own life.

Leader attitude is basically believing in your “potential capacity” & taking immediate action based on your instance.

There’s no rocket science, “Just follow your senses” When it comes to critical decision making listen to everyone’s advice, take your time to think, in the end, do what you know will work.

Hack No.5: Do not fall into “The Trap”

Never regret being a good person, to the wrong people. Your behavior says everything about you, and their behavior says enough about them.“The trap” is a mental maze where good people get stuck in. It’s a mind trick where they make you do any work they want.

They use your weak spots to their best. These weak spots are associated with your passions, your fear, and your behavior. Try to not to get indulged into one”

Final Hack 6: Be the “Bad Guy”

All the points, in the end, sum up to one final stage of transformation a “Nice Guy” must go through. Its called the “Bad Guy Trait”. Bad guys trait states “Be Nice as well the hardest”

Ones who come to you for their petty needs must first crack you hard nature in order to get your help. Hard nature basically means persistence. The more you act persistently the more it will be difficult for others to use you.

“Be the guy for the deserving”


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