Six Distinct Reasons “Why Solo Trip is Fun”

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Six Distinct Reasons “Why Solo Trip is Fun”

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Epic shit happens when you travel alone without the support and co-operation of your friends & family. You get to discover the world with you being in the driver’s seat. I favor you must at least once go on a trip on your own. There are two kinds of enjoyment, one that you get being in a group & other you get when you are drifting alone.

There’s no denial to the fact that the level of fun & thrill varies in both situations, but the latter will give you a real-life perspective of what its like to wander the world with only you and no one else.

The sense of excitement & temporary struggle you will face during this endeavor will transform you into a self-person. After this trip you no longer need a group or crowd to fulfill your wishes. Here are Six distinct reasons why you should travel solo for once in your life!

Break the barrier

Ah, this one is obviously first on the list. Embarking on a trip alone helps you break the traditional barrier of traveling in a group. Why do we need people with us? Oh yes to spend time during the course of travel.
Why not substitute this requiem for help with the company of you? What’s the fun in venturing with a group when you can’t just be yourself and take a moment to cherish the journey? This leads me to the next point.

Discover Your-Self

Heard of self-realization? If not then that’s fine cause I am not going into any philosophy stuff at present. Self-realization in a layman’s term means “knowing yourself”. Unleashing your true-self (Understanding who you are and what you are). Solo tour devices to be a big factor in triggering the self-realization capabilities within you.

From my personal experience, I know this Shit works very well. If you want a better view of this concept watch this movie “Into the wild”. Watch it for entertainment but dare not follow the methods carried out by that guy (Humble request). Break the privacy barrier & show the world “you are a self-person.”
Again this leads me to reason no. three

“Give this world a chance”

Trust me the world is not the way we perceive it to be. It is a mix of complexity, gentleness, and ruthlessness. I’ll say Life would be incomplete without experiencing this reality of sorts. Fear not we live in a time where the traveling solo isn’t a big deal.

The world is well connected with the development of language and digital media. Communication is made easy for us. So, I request everyone “Give this world a chance” & take-up a journey to the mountains or maybe to the beach of any country or any place you want to go. Trigger your beast now!

Enjoy your own company

I am gonna write this “you will enjoy your company more than anything else”. Mark my words, at the start you will feel like hell & to an extent you’ll also feel bored. You might as well regret your decision of going alone. But that’s natural as we all are social animals (it’s not our fault we feel empty without a company).

Once you get the knack of living without the shadow of others, I bet you will be grateful for the life God gave you. Heck even talking to yourself will seem fun. You will pass the time without knowing “how did it all end so fast”.

Little things matter

Even the smallest of small thing matters when it comes to cherishing a trip. From the first ticket of your journey to the last checkout time of your return matters in the case, you plan to go alone. We have always been helped by either some friend or relative for covering ticket & trip expenses, other requirements.

We always had someone to guide us. In this situation, it completely changes as you have to figure out & plan everything from the start to the end of the trip. Lessons experienced are lessons learned. This applies here. The solo tour will be a totally new theme for you. Finally, this leads to the sixth reason.

No limits on learning

You get to learn a lot of things that you wouldn’t with friends. How the locals of a place react to you being alone is one such reason. There are a lot of takeaways like you get the knowledge about planning, executing, saving and chilling. You become your own “Travel-Guide”. Risky Adventures will always excite you then onwards.

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