Simplicity is the ethos of life

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Simplicity is the ethos of life


“We are all the victims of something that we never created, although we all are to take blame for its emergence”.


Can be introduced as a trait which has the capacity to bring peace to ones way of living.

By the term Peace I mean to say “Simplicity of Living”.

We have already complicated our lives by culmination tons of unnecessary stuffs & habits.

We sometimes don’t understand what’s real and whats not.

These habits have complexed our way of perception towards situations affecting us.

Our Past

Centuries ago people used to live in Caves, Hunt together with their pack, Cook their food, Had open sex (There was no social class or gender sensibility).

Such was their simplicity, no hard and fast rules.

Gradually they learnt about the usefulness of nature (trees & crops), started harvesting land & came to be known as early workmen or farmers.

Over the layers of years and with passage of time “Social Norms” developed by Man, Kings & Queens transpired, Code of living arose which finally paved the way for present complex living.

A Simple Life :

Life was so simple without us knowing a lot of stuff. Why is it no so the same today?.

I feel Present times are even worse than past, as we have cover ourselves with tech all the time.

We might realise or not but this same tech is affecting not just our mental life but also our relationships in a severe way.

Simplicity is very important for us in ways we can never imagine.

  • First of all we clear ourselves of bad decision making.
  • Secondly we know what our Shit is.
  • Lastly we can make peace with our present situation & be satisfied with what we have.

Complex Present

Today when we want to make a choice for something, for instance I want to buy clothes for an occasion or just casually I go to a nearby shop.

What do I see?

I see a lavishing yet simple color which appeals my eyes making me bound to wear it.

Was it that quick and simple to buy clothes these days, not just clothes it could be anything.

The answer is No, as in a matter of seconds the shopkeeper will show you a bunch of other clothes and puts your choice in total confusion (Unless you’re hundred percent sure about which kind of it you want while you dont give a damn about other varieties).

Life was so simple when there was no Patronising Tech.

All we did was wake up early morning, go on a walk or gym, return home have breakfast, get ready for our job, on the way we would listen songs on our very own Nokia handset (with buttons on it).

Hell we even had to memories phone numbers of friends & colleagues.

Now a days its exactly the opposite we wake up early, and the first thing most of us do is

“Take the cell phone in hand and see whats the recent developement on Facebook”.


No doubt Technological improvement have brought reliance to upliftment, but what Old tech helped us to do in the past new tech can and will never.

Crazy it may sound, Nokia Handset also enhanced our fingers (By continuously pressing the hard keys on the cell we regularly did sort of a hand massage).

I am not against new technology or present world order in any manner.

My view on Simplicity is simple, why don’t we get back to the roots from where we came?

Its hard to implement but it isn’t impossible !!

The Solution

We can manage to reduce complexities in our life to some limit.

Probably we can streamline our choices, instead of buying costly products we could buy cheap & reusable products (In that way we not just reduce costs but also streamline oir choices)

I am not saying we should go against using tech, all I mean is at least we can adopt small changes.

Being a millennial I’m myself a target of the present world order. I do the same mistakes what many of us do today when it comes to making life more & more complex & intertwined.

By writing I try to cause a little distress in my present complex taste of things (to make myself clear that this is not the right way of living)

Chief Executive Officers

Why do CEO’s of bigger enterprises wear simple as fuck attire? There’s again a very SIMPLE reason for this.

They know, they have to use their monies on productive goods which will get them something in return (ROI).


We have to set things right by embracing out roots of simplicity. Now is the time we adopt change or else It won’t be late when Technology starts ruling us

(It has already started).

Thank You,

Rishi Aroor,

Founder Fortunate Voyage.

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