3 Impactful ways to achieve Mindfulness

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3 Impactful ways to achieve Mindfulness


Asian Monks say “Chill homie, you need let that Sh*t go away” which means let pass away everything that bothers you. Most of the times but not all times we ignore their saying and get into unnecessary stress and depression. Meditation is a subtle art, has loads of variety techniques and vast number of outcomes.

It is basically done to make mind calmer with some emphasis on blood pressure and health as well. It has nothing to do with religion. Meditation can be done by anyone. It’s free for everyone. Meditation is something that always fascinates me. This fascination of mine led to learning a very unique technique of meditation.

Benefits of Mindfulness Part I : My Experience

Few days back I completed my meditation classes, since then I meditated eight times. The difference between me then and now is incredible. It not just calmed my sense but also improved my focus greatly. It changed the way I saw life, brought more light-hearted side in me. My relationships with friends and acquaintances bettered.

Sadly, our sketch of meditation is a mere way to achieve mental peace, but that’s not all true. Meditation is beyond that, it’s an infinite concept. In this blog I will typically cover three topics with regards to meditation and the benefits one can reap from practicing it regularly.

Lord Buddha said “All that we are is a result of what we thought”. What this quote signifies is thoughts makes us what we are. The more we think, the more we dwell into a spider trap. This trap is beyond our mind’s control as our brain is already in the control of our thoughts.

When many thoughts arrive simultaneously, human brain cannot calculate to which thought it should give more preference. A person ends up doing the wrong thing and again dwells into anxiety and stress. And this cycle goes on. We cannot get rid of thoughts because that make us what we are, without thoughts our consciousness won’t work and we will probably die.

(Note: – Here are the steps to meditation if you only want the gist of the whole blog!)

Benefits of Mindfulness Part II : Steps to Meditate

I would really like all the readers of fortunate voyage to at least practice meditation once every day. The steps are very easy.

Step one – Choose a comfortable and dark place to meditate.

Step two – Choose any mudra (finger position), sit back straight.

Step three – You can either do simple meditation or mantra meditation. If you wish to do mantra meditation choose any mantra. Preferably go for “Om” or “Aum”.

Step Four – Close your eyes, chant the mantra within your mind. Don’t make any tongue movement.

Step Five – Follow this process for 15-20 minutes. Then open your eyes with rubbing of your palms on them.

During these steps, you will experience a lot of things happening. You might forget the mantra at one point, its fine let it happen. You might also feel sleepy, sleep then. Always remember never chant the mantra with sound mind because that won’t allow you to connect to the unified thought.

Fainter the chanting, faster the results. At some point you will feel relieved and everything will be plain darkness and peace all around. This is the state of sublimity. Meditation will relieve you from stress, anxiety, depression, fear, insecurity, improves physical endurance, improves blood pressure as well as extended longevity. Al round Well-being and Happiness.

Benefits of Mindfulness Part III : The Solution to a sound mind

In order to control multiple thoughts, we have to get hold of the one single thought that originates every other thought. What we desire for, we perceive that. Our perseverance leads to similar thoughts and actions. The knack is to control that one persevering thought. For this to happen, we require the mind to be in place which can be done through meditation. Our consciousness is like a race of thoughts.

We remember the old story of rabbit and turtle race, where the rabbit runs fast but loses. On the other hand, the fragile slow turtle wins the race. Rabbit is like multiple/scattered thoughts whereas turtle is the one perseverance/unified thought. Multiple thoughts exhaust at some point, but perseverance thought never exhausts because its slow and patient. It saves its energy for mindful tasks. Those are our instincts.

Our eyes are like a camera, and brain is its observer. Eyes captures events, clicks memories, generating thoughts. Meditation thus closes this camera and shuts off the observer for few minutes. You get me, this leads to brain not getting any information regarding outer world. It can only process “Unified thought”. The one deep thought which generates all thoughts. Benefits of mindfulness are in numerous.


Meditation is like going in depths of this thought i.e the unified thought. This one mental picture can help us overcome anything in life. Have you experienced lack of sleep even when you sleep for sufficient hours? Out of 100% body rest we only complete 80%. What about the remaining 20%? This is where meditation plays a huge role. It is majorly done to give that 20% rest to our body through our mind.

Body and Mind should both acquire rest in order to have a mindful life. Along with physical exercise, mental exercise is also must.

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