Why charity should be done by everyone?

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Why charity should be done by everyone?


Because it is our duty to do so !

Frankly speaking, I am not a person to talk about charity in detail. However I would like to share some insight into this topic. Charity is basically a voluntary help, typically in the form of money or any other kind to those in need. I am not a NGO worker nor a philanthropist, I am an individual who wants to do his part by serving the society he is living in. Why do we still need charity in present times? Isn’t poverty and helplessness eradicated from mankind.

Because It isn’t ,

I give you an example of what’s poverty and why charity is required. Hiranandani complex in Powai is a very renowned place known for its richies and ambitious businessmen class and builders with their charm and attraction have enchanted the area for decades.

Have you ever seen that one part of Powai which, is a vast slum, where people suffer even for food and water. They live in huts, children below the age of five beg on the streets of JVLR for one-time food.

Once I came across two kids and they wanted to have “burji-pav’’ and yes, I gave them its taste, I was then working for some KPO at avenue orchid and my manager said that I have the capacity to become a Manager. What is the use of becoming a Manager or a highly positioned man, if I am not even capable of feeding needy people’s stomach. I pity those who discourage charity. In Hindi we say, “Bade admi ki choti soch.”

Charity can be done by anyone, rich or poor doesn’t matter, what matters is the satisfaction and peace that one gets from doing it. Feeding a child, providing books and pens to needy children, giving food grains and clothes to communities, bringing smile on the faces of old age elders, planting trees, teaching orphaned kids new language or encouraging them to take up the field they want.

At Rotaract Club,

We have a initiative the Project Hunger, as per which college students carry out NCD (News Paper collection Drive). They work on collecting old newspapers, and other useful stuffs by visiting every door asking localities and selling the same to earn some money. Proper accounting led to food grains and clothing distribution to a charitable trust

Being its member only for a few months , the satisfaction that I received was innumerous, it was beyond my expectation. Associating with this club was a turning point in my life and I realized the very much foundations of humanity, I got answer to why we should help at least one person in our life.

One person is enough to bring about a tremendous change. If we individually create that difference then it won’t take long for whole of India to get poverty ridden. There are a lot of people who will despise you when you are trying to make some difference.


Courtesy : Bms.co.in

Shanti Ashram Visit by Tolani College students.

Recently, during Valentines week I met a guy, Mithil with his friends, they arrived in my colony with one request. He was working towards an initiative “Because I am a girl”. Accordingly, organization with the help of donations form societies would use the same for providing education to rape victim/unprivileged girl child. Supporting them to become independent and work for their self. However, its secretary being a woman herself didn’t let me help him and said that it was against society’s norms.

This is how people will pull you down and lead you to demotivation. Why charity should be done by everyone? because It leads to a joyful life and redemption. It must not be seen as a way to help others. Instead be seen as a way to help oneself to get rid of self-centeredness. It’s a way to lead a happy life. Helping others is helping yourself.

“We make a LIVING by what we get…but we make a LIFE by what we give.”-Winston Churchill.

“Charity isn’t about Pity, it is about love.”-Mother Teresa.

“We can do no great things, only small things with great love.”-Mother Teresa.

“We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone.”- Loretta Scott.

Credits : Rotaract Club of Tolani College of Commerce


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