A Short Guide To Self-Healing

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A Short Guide To Self-Healing

self healing

We all go through cumbersome load of painful and trouble-some things throughout our life, which we can face to some extent. But then comes those troubles and pains which we couldn’t bear at all.

Everyone is so busy in their life that they don’t even think about sharing those matters even to their blood relatives or friends.Because they believe why to bother other with their issues, and this eventually leads to self-struggle.

Being a victim of depression and self-struggle I know how it feels when you dreaded want to share your feelings but can’t as your will doesn’t let you do that. The one’s who are facing depression seem absolutely perfect from outside, but deep within only they know the agony they are going through.

Signs such as depressed, these include procrastination, fatigue, lack of sleep, weight-loss, mood swing are seen, If you experience even two or three of these then its a fact to be noted and need to be taken seriously.

You know what its like to be in depression. Now comes the simple remedy to overcoming self-struggle.

There are basically two ways to that the first one is Self-Healing and the second one is Meditation which I have explained completely in my previous blog.

No hard and fast rules. Self-healing is simple and fascinating.

”Diverting the mind’’

Coming to Self-Healing, the technique is basically diverting your focus and attention from the trouble/pain itself towards something that makes you “happy and forget the pain”. That“something” could be a topic that interests you the most.

I give you a simple instance of self-healing. A few days back I had a tooth decay which led to the tooth’s nerve touching the surface of the tooth leading to uneasy currents which pains a lot.

Doctor said I need to have a root canal, but then I read this article on Chakra Healing which stated ‘any internal body pain can be cured to some extent by diverting the ‘mind’ from the area of the pain to something else.

We are what our conscious tells us to do and diverting your mind to something else is a bit challenging if you aren’t self-disciplined (meditation follower). So I tried doing the obvious thing, whenever I chewed the food on that teeth I did not remind me of the pain. The pain is still on, but I am guiding my mind to not to focus on it.

At first, it perceived it as a hard nut job (Initially I felt its useless to do something imaginary like self-healing but as time passed the mind trick worked and the pain reduced relatively)

Note : The pain is still there but not to a very higher extent.

I felt like I am reliving the moment which I otherwise would have spent in pain. This tooth pain is nothing like depression. It’s just a mere pain. Talking about Depression, continuous practise of ‘diverting your mind’ thing will guarantee you not just mental peace but also bodily relief.

‘Diverting your mind’ towards a hobby, the person you love/care about, the work you enjoy doing is the key to a stable-self.


Self-Healing also includes talking to oneself. Its like sitting in a shady place for five minutes and asking yourself the same questions that you would ask to your friends or colleges.

Initially it will seem uncanny, in due course you will find it soothing and the questions will turn from simple to complex.

Self conversation is not a sign of low self-esteem, in lieu it is a form of problem solving. Ask questions which concern you, and your consciousness will give you through the right choice.

Doctor strange although a fictional movie, had a simple premise wherein a surgeon looses his hands in an accident, who then relied on faith (which they call magic) to cure his hands.

Chakra Healing

Buddhism & Hinduism have the concept of Chakra-Healing which isn’t shown in Doctor Strange. Chakra Healing is a true phenomenon, it uses the seven chakra energies to heal internal ailments, not just of your self but of others also.

It’s similar to how Yin-Yang works. Using your positive and negative energies to heal your soul and body. Fascinating isn’t it?

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