Five minutes of Blindness

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Five minutes of Blindness


I lift this issue because it’s an unusual one. You probably won’t find many people talking about blindness. Usually because no body wants to witness complete darkness in front of their eyes. They are scared. Among us, there exists a unique set of beings who are not able to see the world as we do. All a blind man gets to see is a never ending emptyness.

This is not a subject that i need to write, whole universe knows this. But we rarely find people appreciating these heroes who by their will to live and by the grace of god do unbelievable things that we with clear vision cannot do.

We all have played the game of blind cop and thief, wherein a kid volunteers to pretend to be blind cop by wearing a cloth on his eyes, and next he needs to catch the thief facing hurdles and obstructions in his hunt.

That is not blindness, that’s just a small glimpse of it. Although we are able to see people from some other way even with covered eyes. This is not the case for a Blind individual. We get restless after playing the 5 minutes of blindness game, but this is what a blind person plays through out his life.

What if you were blind?

What would have you done to tackle day to day activities, mental stress and agony, you were going through?

The answer is “Nothing”.

This story of an unknown man will share basic instance of visionless living. This is his life.

He wakes up early in the morning, but isn’t able to see the sunrise. He goes to bath, but cannot enjoy the cold chill of each drop of water. Cooks food for himself, not knowing how it looks. Waits for his beloved ones, but has never glimpsed their face. He can only touch their face, but can’t find a sense of satisfaction. Colors became a myth for him.

He had forgotten a long time back, what it mean’s too visualise. For him living meant infinite darkness with sour emotions. Through out his life, only thing he did was to work for a living and hope that one fine day he’ll be able to see the world as we see it. lIke the way every ordinary person sees it.

After 25, long years this man hears his most awaited news from his family. A person had willed to donate his eyes after his demise. That day had come, and that donor’s family agreed to the process the eye donation through a chit lot. And luckily, that lot had name of this man. Soon his surgery took place.

A day after the surgery, he woke up early morning. Crying was the first thing he did. He cried aloud, when he saw his beloved family with his vision awaken, with his freaking eyes. You cannot believe a man’s happiness, his joy for that day. Only he has the right over it.

That was the day, when his search for hope ended.

Daredevil the comic hero is a visually impaired character, encouraging me call these heroes “DAREDEVIL”.



The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision – By an Unknown Blind Man


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