Dilwalon Ki Delhi : City of Hearts

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Dilwalon Ki Delhi : City of Hearts


Our Delhi visit was rather an unplanned one. We had a staunch intention in mind to visit places like Dharamsala and Amritsar in Punjab, besides it was least of our plans to explore Delhi that day. Supposedly I found out how wrong I was about missing an opportunity to explore the city of hearts, A sense of intense self-realisation made me corrected myself & hence I ended up doing the unplanned.

Dahi-Kachori (Google Baba)

Red Fort Arch

Delhi as we all know is a city full of emotions, It has a rich tradition & a history with a cult of desi ‘traditional’ tadka ‘seasoning’ to it. Delhi visit was like the next chapter in my ‘Book of North Indian Trips’ which not just added Tadka but also garnished historic/cultural element (A taste of Indianised thoughts). Being living in a ‘City like Mumbai’ for 21 years, I always wished to see the ‘Capital of India’ which will eventually fill my quench for Indian cities.

“I asked my soul: What is Delhi? She replied: The world is the body and Delhi its life. Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib” 
― Khushwant Singh, Delhi: A Novel

My wish came true in May of 2017

Summer’s were waiting for us.

It weather drastically changed when I landed on Delhi Airport.


My parents had accompanied me this time. We had booked a motel nearby the port. It was originally intended to be a one day trip, just to chill our body from the painful summer. We originally planned to board a flight for Dharamsala the next day.

Did we go?…

No we didn’t because I convinced my parents not to. Being a travel blogger doesn’t mean I just paste a few pictures or write a few lines about any random place, It has much more to its meaning. It is an art of ‘dedication’, when you go to a place you look-feel-express it in a threefold way. This was the reason for our two days extension.

Khana :

We began with the obvious and that’s the Cuisine part. Delhi railway station is a place where you can find really jaw dropping delicious snack among the well known ones are Dahi-Kachodi & Dahi-Bhalla. Although we get it everyplace nowadays, the Dahi-Kachodis here is way too delicious in taste to not to forget.

Dahi-Kachori (Google Baba)

Advancing our food quota to a section called ‘Early Breakfast’ we find here Delhi’s Flagship dish “Chhole-Bhatura’’. You can get it at any restaurant in the NCR. Chhole is basically a dry-gravy made of ‘chana’ mixed in Garam-Masala seasoning. Bhatura is the counterpart of chapati when you eat Chhole.

Dahi-Kachori (Google Baba)

Chhole Bhature (Google Baba)

Aloo-Paratha with Makke ki roti & Sarso ka Saag are popular here too (with a pinch of pickle).

And Yeah forgot to mention “Don’t miss Jhali-Muri Sev Puri’’ near India gate.

Dilli Ki Khasiyat :

Delhi is a cultural hub if you see it through the eyes of its rich tradition. It has respectable monuments like Gandhi-smarak (Raj Ghat) , which is the samadhi of Gandhiji.

Gandhi-Smarak has “Hey Ram” tagline on it.

Dilwalon Ki Delhi

India Gate

Next on the list we have is India Gate. A magnificent arch standing tall in Delhi city which does the work of respecting our martyrs along with welcoming its citizens with an open hand.

Our travel guide then took us to Red Fort (lal Killa) a place where India PM hoist flag during the Independence day. Believed to be built by Akbar, Red fort houses a few exquisite artefacts in it. Mughal Throne,

Dilwalon Ki Delhi

Mughal Era Swords


Mughal Swords weapons, guns, paintings of Pre-British era are kept for display in the museum inside Red Fort.

Antiques improve its beauty beyond our imagination.

Red fort is purely made with sandstone!! Hard to believe isn’t it?

Mughal Throne

Dilwalon Ki Delhi

Red Fort (laal Killa)


After lunch break we drove towards Qutub Complex. There were moments when I felt something is not right with this place, Hindu temples destroyed & fabricated to make it feel more Islamic. No Bias or Offence towards any community (Its a only matter of fact).

Dilwalon Ki Delhi

Runes of Qutub Complex

Qutub complex is a UNESCO world heritage site which hides into mist the real history of India. Talking about Qutub complex what good it would do if I forgot to mention Qutub Minaret Complex itself.

Dilwalon Ki Delhi

Qutub Pillar

Qutub Minar is a huge Islamic structure build to celebrate the victory of Islamic Conquest of India.

Dilwalon Ki Delhi


Qutub complex is the dwelling place of one of the most unusual & mysterious pillar known as “Mehrauli Pillar”. It’s a metallic structure said to be built by Gupta Dynasty between 5th – 6th Century. The pillar although centuries old, mysteriously it may sound has not rusted a bit and looks fresh even today. Really these monuments make me believe that myths were reality at some point in India.

“India is Incredible”

Lotus Temple

We didn’t get to see many places because of time restraint. Those that we missed were Humayun’s tomb, Hauz Khas, Jamia Masjid & Lotus Temple(sadly). Do check these spots as they will keep you captivated to love Delhi.

Mandir :

I always make sure to write about temples in a separate section as they are not the same as monument. By the end of the first day we visited Laxminarayan Temple situated near the capital buildings of Delhi. Laxminarayan temple also known as Birla Mandir was built for Vishnu’s Devotees. The temple pays tribute to our priceless historic leaders by placing their statue outside its premise.

Laxminarayan Temple (Google Baba)

On the heat of day two, we took metro for Akahardham temple situated in Noida (In UP). Also known as Swaminarayan temple, basically a temple built based on Vaishnav Style of Architecture. A must watch spectacle if you are a hardcore lover of Hindu architecture. Akshardham is built-in a geographically accurate & planned manner which makes it out of this world.

Dilwalon ki Delhi

Swaminarayan Akshardham, New Delhi (Google baba)

Dilli Ki Market (Chandni Chowk) :

I conclude my short review of this wanderlust city with my view on Chandni Chowk. “A city is incomplete without a market” true to this quote Delhi is incomplete without visiting Chandni Chow.

Dilli Darwaza (Market Place) (Google)

In the heart of Old Delhi, Chandni Chowk is a busy shopping area with markets full of spices, dried fruit, silver jewelry and vivid saris, while the narrow side streets are crowded with tiny shops selling essential oils, stationery and traditional Indian sweets. “Do check it out before you leave’’

Mughal architecture and cuisine plays a very important role in the formation of modern-day Delhi. MUGHLAI CUISINE was founded in Delhi. Even though we missed a few spots, cuisines whatever I got would suffice my thirst for this place at the present. There is no greater happiness then visiting the unexplored spots for a second trip.

Delhi always welcomes its guests with no disappointments.


“Chalo Dilli’’


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