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nice guy

Six Life Hacks for “Nice people”

“Good guys in movies, stories and tales end up as winners” However, do they really win in actual life situations? The answer is a straight forward No. Good guys that are represented in any Entertainment Media are meant to win in any situation. In reality its the subvert, Good people face failure at everything the world…
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A Perfect Life

Just imagine you’re living a life which is completely perfect in all its aspects. A Perfect Life: You are having a lavish life with all sorts of comforts and luxuries, you have a beautiful/handsome spouse, You yourself look charming for which you are proud and in the end you have no worries left. Prosperity Everything you have right now is sufficient to live a…
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Simplicity is the ethos of life

“We are all the victims of something that we never created, although we all are to take blame for its emergence”. Simplicity Can be introduced as a trait which has the capacity to bring peace to ones way of living. By the term Peace I mean to say “Simplicity of Living”. We have already complicated our…
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Smile coz it brings out your better version

Smile coz it brings out your better version. “You know Rishi, how much ever angry I get at you during lectures the minute I see you smile I give up my anger cause It brings out your better version” -Mukund Matta The opening statement or quote as stated by my tutor Mukund Matta explains why we must…
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self healing

A Short Guide To Self-Healing

We all go through cumbersome load of painful and trouble-some things throughout our life, which we can face to some extent. But then comes those troubles and pains which we couldn’t bear at all. Everyone is so busy in their life that they don’t even think about sharing those matters even to their blood relatives or friends.Because they believe why to…
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Teenagers are interested in memes because…

They can relate to them. Let’s start with a question… Where do they come from? AND What’s the reason they have so much of popularity? Memes are light hearted piece of humor that can be relatable to any person at any place, any time, any day. You can enjoy them while having tea, while you’re…
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3 Impactful ways to achieve Mindfulness

Asian Monks say “Chill homie, you need let that Sh*t go away” which means let pass away everything that bothers you. Most of the times but not all times we ignore their saying and get into unnecessary stress and depression. Meditation is a subtle art, has loads of variety techniques and vast number of outcomes.…
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Best Business to Start in 2018

Best Business to start in 2018 is a follow-up to my previous blog “Passive Income Sources”. Hop on to it if you haven’t read it. The link is below  Our previous article stresses on what passive income is, whereas it gave us a slight sketch of various types of income sources. “Humans are driven…
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passive income

Why to have a Passive Income Source?

Have you ever experienced money working for you? Have you ever thought of money sprouting like a crop even while you are not working?…I guess the answer is NO. Since the inception of Human-kind, we all have been taught to work for money, Am I right?. Active income is what we all generate during our…
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Why charity should be done by everyone?

Because it is our duty to do so ! Frankly speaking, I am not a person to talk about charity in detail. However I would like to share some insight into this topic. Charity is basically a voluntary help, typically in the form of money or any other kind to those in need. I am…
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