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juhu beach

Five reasons why Juhu Beach is Mumbai’s Splendid Sight

“there’s nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it’s send away,” – Anonymous “Juhu beach is a place where you will find both whimpering sand and statues made of sand immersed in water. Juhu beach is where you will see the joyful laughter…
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solo trip

Six Distinct Reasons “Why Solo Trip is Fun”

Epic shit happens when you travel alone without the support and co-operation of your friends & family. You get to discover the world with you being in the driver’s seat. I favor you must at least once go on a trip on your own. There are two kinds of enjoyment, one that you get being…
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Dilwalon Ki Delhi : City of Hearts

Our Delhi visit was rather an unplanned one. We had a staunch intention in mind to visit places like Dharamsala and Amritsar in Punjab, besides it was least of our plans to explore Delhi that day. Supposedly I found out how wrong I was about missing an opportunity to explore the city of hearts, A…
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Elishke : The Czech Girl

{The Czech Girl is the story of a lone lady travelling all the way from Europe to various states of India untill she met the blogger…}  Blistering wind, Smoldering music and a pleasant night made everything feel connected. With my headsets on, listening to the song that brought out the fruitful expression of thought in…
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The Granite Capital of Tulu Nadu

Tulu Nadu – a place renowned for its DIVINITY,  for its Authentic Stone Structures AND most of all a MIND BOGGLING “Spirit dance” Want to know what a place with an abundance of granite holds for you? Lets read!! A brief intro about Tulu Nadu: Tulu Culture is one of the oldest Dravidian Cultures in…
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Mahuli Fort Trek with Shikhar Trails

“THE MOUNTAIN WHICH TELLS ITS OWN STORY – MAHULI” I bet Mahuli fort trek is nothing like Rajmachi which I visited last year. Mahuli is a combination of bitter sweet memories. The terrain here is completely vertical, vague to the horizontally flat surface at ramjachi. All my trek experiences are the deeds of Shikhar Trails,…
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Dharamsala the soul of Himanchal

To Dharamshala – “All the water and drink you consumed from beginning time until now has failed to satisfy your thirst or bring you contempt. Drink therefore of this stream of enlightened mind. Fortunate ones.” – Buddha[social_warfare] I haven’t updated any posts related to travel in a while, this post is not like other travel…
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Matheran the lush green hill station of Raigad

2015  Matheran : We all know that college days were the best days of our lives, it was a time when all we did was attending college, studying a bit, bunking lecture for some time and the most important of them all was going on field trips and “picnic”. One fine day, I convinced my…
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Tirupati : A Solo Tour to Lord Vishnu’s Grandeur

DAY 1: प्रयाण (Commencement) 13TH Of Jan :  And so, begins my one-day-long Journey to Tirumala Tirupati. I would describe this journey as more of an experience rather than a spiritual trip. This was a one-man tour. For the first time in my life, I was traveling to a place I never visited before in my…
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My First Trek : Rajmachi in Lonavla

8TH JULY RAJMACHI : 8:00 PM : Heavy rains are showering on the tracks of lonavala station. Fierce enthusiasm and excitement can be seen on the faces of my mates as they prepared themselves for the adventurous night trek of Rajmachi. TEAMS WERE formed out of 90 energetic trekkers. For some it was a thing…
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