Best Business to Start in 2018

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Best Business to Start in 2018


Best Business to start in 2018 is a follow-up to my previous blog “Passive Income Sources”. Hop on to it if you haven’t read it. Our previous article stresses on what passive income is, whereas it gave us a slight sketch of various types of income sources.

“Humans are driven by passion. They mostly follow their hearts and do activities that lead to ultimate satisfaction.”- Unknown.

As we can see the Internet market is on a boom, companies and agencies are exploiting the possibilities of digital eco-space to a vast extent. It’s not just any income, I will be noting points about both Passive as well as Active sources to generate regular money.

Well, income sprouting is not an easy job, as it takes sheer determination and strives to achieve. Although the nut is hard, it can be cracked. You-tube and Digital Marketing are the upcoming trends, or you can say startups.

Our generation has always been following orders, this is why India has employment issues and limited startups. Standing apart from what conventional jobs do is a hard thing to do. It’s better to take risks and fail at present, rather than regretting at the age of 40. At least you tried, didn’t gave up to traditional thoughts. Thinking big along with vision are the only key. These are my top choices of Business Startup.

Following are the best business to start in 2018.

You-Tube :
You-tube basically is an online video streaming/sharing website owned by Google. Previously its uses were limited. End product being watching videos, informative and entertaining. Since the past six years, You-tube has not just witnessed an exponential growth in viewership but has also seen rising inclination of new channels. You-tube channels are free, anyone can start them with appropriate content.

These new channels focus primarily on genre’s like Health/Fitness Wellbeing, Motivation, Movies, and Tv series Review, Educational Information drive and many more. Legit content will pay the bucks for your efforts. You-tube is everything. It is a blessing upon entrepreneurs. YouTube can be a regular business.

Digital Marketing :
I bet you have seen at least one Facebook ad. Digital words are all about advertising and optimizing organic and paid traffic. Ads creation have the ability to lure heavy crowds to your site. You-tube combined with ads and call to action button can become a deadly combo. Present times have seen skyrocketing. e-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart heavily rely on digital marketing.

There are times when we visit any site and cart a few items to buy. Below the cart button, we get to see recommended products similar to the one we have in the cart. This is known as cross-selling of complementary products. This is how they make exponential income. Offers and discounts lead to more buying. Digital marketing should be seen as a power to boost any business.

Freelance marketers are in great need!

Financial Planning:

SO here is a bit of my take on the conventional field. Financial planning is advising investors to plan for their retirement and help them implement the plans. Financial planning is Investment planning, Insurance, Retirement, Estate, a pure blend of personal finance to safeguard one’s immediate and long-term goals.

You have the right to call yourself a Financial Advisor who takes minute details of his client’s need and works out a written plan. There is no bigger rewarding career than starting your own advisory firm.

Webinar Classes:

One of my friend a few months back completed his BE-Tech, amassed some capital from friends and neighbors, created a blueprint for webinar tutorials on CET-Maths, Physics, Digital Marketing. He shared his idea with me, his faith in the project impressed me. Now he has successfully obtained students for his webinars hopefully.

Online Stores:

Again this comes under digital marketing. Online stores in its own, is a huge career.
Online stores can be started in any sectors be it e-books, FMCG, tech goods.

This completes my short fruitful list of Startup choices one can go ahead with.
I hope you will get a fair idea from the above on how much India needs risk-taking entrepreneurs.

“Opportunity lies in the place where the complaints are” – Jack Ma



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