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Why charity should be done by everyone?

Because it is our duty to do so ! Frankly speaking, I am not a person to talk about charity in detail. However I would like to share some insight into this topic. Charity is basically a voluntary help, typically in the form of money or any other kind to those in need. I am…
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graduation day

Graduation Day : What it means to me.

Have you ever realized how important graduation day is in any student’s life? Graduation day or Convocation Day is the culmination of all the three years a student has been through his college life. This day concludes an important phase in one’s life. For everybody else, Convocation is when you meet your buddies for one…
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Story of Patience as it should be

This is a tale and not a travel experience. My aim of presenting this story to you is to show you that things do happen in life, no matter they happen late but eventually they will. All it takes for us is to wait for the right moment to dig in our shot at redemption…
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Tirupati : A Solo Tour to Lord Vishnu's Grandeur

DAY 1 : प्रयाण (Commencement) 13TH Of Jan :  And so, begins my one-day long Journey to Tirumala Tirupati. I would describe this journey as more of an experience rather than a spiritual trip. This was a one-man tour. For the first time in my life I was travelling to a place that I never…
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My First Trek : Rajmachi in Lonavla

8TH JULY RAJMACHI : 8:00 PM : Heavy rains are showering on the tracks of lonavala station. Fierce enthusiasm and excitement can be seen on the faces of my mates as they prepared themselves for the adventurous night trek of Rajmachi. TEAMS WERE formed out of 90 energetic trekkers. For some it was a thing…
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