A Perfect Life

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A Perfect Life


Just imagine you’re living a life which is completely perfect in all its aspects.

A Perfect Life:

You are having a lavish life with all sorts of comforts and luxuries, you have a beautiful/handsome spouse, You yourself look charming for which you are proud and in the end you have no worries left.


Everything you have right now is sufficient to live a satisfying life till your eventual death, hypothetically you have no problem and situations left to deal with.

A Beautiful Wife

At that instant what will you start perceiving? Maybe a sense of incompleteness. Yes, this is what you start feeling.

Life is incomplete without flaws, because they make us human. The intimidation that life throws at you through its troubles is what makes you a wholesome personality.


Life is like a boat travelling between two sides of a river. Difficult situations are like Yin while Comforting situations are Yang.

When we fix this symbol, we will see a round circle with two sides the black and the white.

As we all know the white signifies hope whereas black signifies despair.

God’s Play

You see God has made it mandatory for himself as well as all his creations to experience both shades of life.


Moses and Jesus (Messiah of Abrahamic Religions) had to sacrifice their lives for the greater good of humanity.

So, who are we to run away from them?

Jesus Helping a refugee

Who has been ever spared from the disparity of pain ? Not even God’s messengers

Even Hindu Gods, the likes of Rama and Krishna during their lifetime have seen so many desperate situations which the ultimately overcame and achieved their life’s purpose.

Heck Rama had to literally raise an army of monkeys to invade Lanka (present day Sri Lanka) to rescue his wife.

On the other hand, Krishna had to live a life of exile during his young times.

Hindu Avatars signal us one message “When we had to suffer on this planet…You are no exception”. Suffering isn’t always bad.

The implications we take out of it could be beneficial for our future.


When uncomforting situations arise, our response should not be of evading them instead we should comprehend them.

My implication is to understand why that particular issue raised in the first place and accordingly take responsive action to deal with it.

Damn life would be so boring if everything were perfect.

For instance, a superhero movie would feel dull as hell (lifeless) if it doesn’t have a pain (Intimidating) in the ass kind a villain.

A superhero movie wherein the hero is facing tremendous struggles to defeat the villain, now this is what I call satisfying.

Beauty in Imperfection:

Grounded reality should be the main focal point of any superhero movie.

The scene that catches our attention is what will the hero do in order defeat his arch nemesis??…we all get excited to see such kind of a hero. Am i right?

Movies and Novels teaches us how amazing an imperfect life is.

A life where you have meager resources but your will wants you to achieve an impeccable dream…

  • What will you do to achieve your big dream?
  • How high will you go for that?

These determining factors are like quizzing questions which have embedded answers within.

They turn you into a unique personality.

You get your answers when you dive deep into your big dream and with time you will know what to do!!

Don’t ever bother for your present life situation. Always remember problems help us move ahead.

They are just a bridge for us to cross over to the other side (towards success).

Holy book Bhagwat Geeta States

“After every night there comes a bright day and after end of every pain comes a new hopeful beginning”

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