5 reasons why Juhu Beach is Mumbai’s Splendid Sight

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5 reasons why Juhu Beach is Mumbai’s Splendid Sight

Juhu beach

There’s nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it’s sent away  – Anonymous

“Juhu beach is a place where you will find both whimpering sand and statues made of sand immersed in water. Juhu beach is where you will see the joyful laughter of a kid and the slim melody from the conchs of Iskcon followers.”

Mumbai is a city surrounded by rich beaches and rivers. One cannot ignore that these beaches are the center of attraction that makes this “Glowing City” spectacular. Today we will take a glimpse at one such beach “Juhu Beach”. Juhu beach has a coast length of six km spread up to Versova (beach).

After Marine Lines and Churchgate, Juhu Beach is the most sought out place in Mumbai for Family, Friends, Lovers, and Hawkers.

If you feel all-time low or drastically happy If you like low-tide or high-tide this is the right hotspot for you.

Juhu beach in its own right is a splendid sight, and we will see what adds to its charm and why Mumbaikar’s have a fondness for this beach.

Juhu beach

Here are my top 5 reasons Juhu Beach is Mumbai’s Splendid Sight:
1. Juhu beach has an endless “FOOD COURT”/Street food.

People don’t just come here for splashing water on one another or to just view the sea-face, they are also attracted to this place for an abundance of street food corners/stalls throughout the beach. Pav Bhaji, Masala Dosa, VadaPav, Gola, Falooda name the food and you will have them all.

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2. Avenue for morning meditation and sports.

Are you a morning bird? Do you love practicing meditation early morning? Are you a football/handball enthusiast? If yes, then Juhu beach is the right place for you. Many sports starts visit Juhu Beach every morning for their fitness routine. You can also go see a play at Prithvi Cafe

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3. Eye-Catching Sea face.

Staring at the impressive sea-face of Juhu beach can be a pleasure for both your heart and mind. A mere look at these sea-waves will take you back to the days of your school and college, helping soothe your soul, reminding happy days of your life, making you realize how fortunate you are to have the things many people don’t.

Juhu Beach



4. Juhu Beach Links two main Shopping hubs (Andheri-Vileparle) of Mumbai

If you are a shopping geek who’s in constant search of new shops and malls to window shop or just a casual bystander, its worth noting that Juhu beach bridges two prime shopping hubs in Mumbai i.e. Andheri and Vileparle.

Remember, if you are at Juhu Beach and you are planning to buy cool stuff, you are only a few miles away from Andheri and Vileparle.

Juhu beach

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5. Iskcon Temple

When you are done with touring Juhu beach (which never ends), the last place you can visit is ISKCON, a temple situated a mile away from the main bus depot. Lord Krishna is the primary deity at ISKCON temple.

The temple premise itself is a spectacle and no words can describe the peace and tranquillity, the sound “Govinda-Govinda” provides to those who visit there. Try not to miss the vegetarian meal at Govinda, ISKCON’s famous in-house restaurant.

Juhu beach

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“Close your eyes, Feel the breeze and Inhale the air,”- Juhu Beach Enthusiast


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