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What do we mean by Travel with Impulse?

Impulse siginifies “Grit” which is the driving force behind any action. The starter of this blog is a very simple, learning and adaptive person.  He believes there is a concept wherein an person unexpectedly goes on a trip without any definite plan, fortunately it becomes a success and he comes back home with trove of memories. 

The Streets of Nai Dilli awaits you!!

Be it New Delhi or Old Delhi- The taste & the culture of Indianism doesn’t change. Streets of Delhi calls you. Read why Delhi is not just another city.

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Tulu Nadu has something instore for you.

Mystic dance styles, Exquisite food, Peak Dravidian culture, Luring Temples and more. Fasten your seat as you are going to witness the Gist of Amazing Tulu Culture.

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The Soul of Himanchal

 Dharamshala – “All the water and drink you consumed from beginning time until now has failed to satisfy your thirst or bring you contempt. Drink therefore of this stream of enlightened mind. Fortunate ones.” – Buddha

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What makes Maharashtra so Unique?

Maharashtra series will take you through the land of delicious “Bhakri & Thecha” Culture of the Marathas. A land of Pride, Glory and Forts.


Heavy rains are showering on the tracks of lonavala station. Fierce enthusiasm and excitement can be seen on the faces of my mates as they prepared themselves for the adventurous night trek of Rajmachi. 

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 Matheran was our first standalone hill station trip during college times, we were then in degree college and had just completed our final grade exam. It was the first time we were going into the wilderness and exploring surroundings of Neral.

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I bet Mahuli fort trek is nothing like Rajmachi which I visited last year. Mahuli is a combination of bitter sweet memories. The terrain here is completely vertical, vague to the horizontally flat surface at ramjachi.

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I enjoyed the articles published on this site and I am pretty sure you too will.


I am fascinated that I found Fortunate Voyage. Reading its posts have now encouraged me to write my own travel memories. 


Only words I can say, “I am lovin it”


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